San Carlos 2018

March 31, April 1, 2018

After five months off the bikes we headed North out of Mexico enroute back to Canada. It’s official, we’re cycling in circles.

What happened…

Andrew writes: It’s so refreshing to be cycling. And cycling in the desert in the spring is very enjoyable indeed. We managed to find some secondary roads and highways to cycle on, which made for little traffic, and it seemed like in no time we were visiting with our friends Larry and Mary in Tucson. It’s a little strange to me, to notice, how there are some sets of friends where Amanda and I split off, and I end up outside with Larry, and she sits inside with Mary, and we’re all happy as clams in the sand.

Amanda writes: It was so awesome to be back on the bikes! This is what we’re meant to do. It helped too that we were in North America which includes the land of magic things. You turn on the tap and not only does water come out; but water you can drink! And it’s free; that’s right the water is free. And then like that wasn’t enough, if you turn the left one on you get hot water. Insert happy dance here.

We crossed the border with ease and had set our sights on a campground that proved to be very attainable. We cycled in unison after a pretty restful evening on the bus to Nogales. I’m really glad we decided to bus that section. Traffic was pretty light and we found all the amenities we needed like food for cooking, shaded parks with picnic tables and we were able to set up camp quite early and enjoy an afternoon nap. The only down side was our ever problematic tent continued to cause us problems. The zipper is such a challenge to get closed that it takes a lot of patience and finesse. Once Andrew managed to zip it up, we agreed no one gets out until morning and then we need to get a new one. I suppose we can’t complain – it’s been a solid four years.

Today’s Photographs

San Carlos 2018