Our story… It has always been a dream of ours to travel the world, and we love to ride our bicycles! In 2013 we started selling our house and everything we own, and embarked on an "around-the-world" bicycle ride in August 2014. Since then we have made amazing friends, witnessed breathtaking scenery, and continue to seek out new adventures every day.

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  • Food Culture in Laramie

    Food Culture in Laramie

    Around the World, USA 2015

    October 21st, 2015 It’s pretty straightforward with Hwy#30 being the only option. Almost 400 foot of elevation gain after leaving...

  • Rock River

    Rock River

    Around the World, USA 2015

    October 20th, 2015 Hwy#30 east, passing through Medicine Bow for lunch and arriving in Rock River around dinner time…except Rock...

  • Han-over


    Around the World, USA 2015

    October 19th, 2015 Just take the Interstate (I80). Don’t do what we did, or what Google Maps suggests.

  • Wrecked in Rawlins

    Wrecked in Rawlins

    Around the World, USA 2015

    October 17th, 2015 Continuing south on Hwy#287, up and over the Continental Divide (15th time??) and in to Rawlins.


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All of this food was free. Laramie free-ganism at its finest.

Hanging out with Laurel and Rob in Laramie, WY.

Laurel showing off her "tiny-home" under construction.

The town of Laramie, WY.

BAM! As soon as we enter Colorado, we see trees again.

We've got our own spin on the Antique Roadshow.

Lots of great deals to be had here on Hwy#287.

Welcome to Colourful Colorado!

A beautiful mural welcoming us into CO.

The Suck-Ups live at the corner of Goa Way and High Prairie Range.

Some beautiful rocks our first little bit into Colorado.

Not quite certain if these are man made, or Mother Nature.

Pink Pig Rock, near Forks, CO.

Some good reading at the Biome Abode.

Amanda chatting it up with Forrest and Savannah in Ft. Collins, CO.

Forrest and Savannah in Ft. Collins, CO.

Wizard of the OZ Halloween edition.

Thanks for the pipe Forrest!

The "gear wall" in Ft. Collins, CO.

Amanda standing on a big baseball.

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  • Ima

    Nov 25, 2015 - Reply


  • Marylou Sewell

    Nov 26, 2015 - Reply

    So, what the heck are you doing lying on the ground?…..Hip flexor stretching?….or just needed to feel the earth move under your frame….but I am glad you took some rest days…..now, Plenty of those for the Prentys!

  • Marg McCallum

    Nov 26, 2015 - Reply

    Oh no! Poor Amanda….sure hope you are feeling better now!

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