Our story… It has always been a dream of ours to travel the world, and we love to ride our bicycles! In 2013 we started selling our house and everything we own, and embarked on an "around-the-world" bicycle ride in August 2014. Since then we have made amazing friends, witnessed breathtaking scenery, and continue to seek out new adventures every day.

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    Around the World, Mexico 2016

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    Around the World, Mexico 2016

    April 13, 2016 Hike-a-bike across the river from La Gloria to Tolantongo, then up the hill to….nowhere.

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    Glorious La Gloria!

    Around the World, Mexico 2016

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    Another Day in the Highlands

    Around the World, Mexico 2016

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Jean and Lupita, and their children. They invited us over to eat and talk!

Sweetly celebrating 15,000km!!

A cat trap.

The lineup for tortillas was fierce!

Inside the Nochixtlan market.

Inside the Nochixtlan market.

The market in Nochixtlan took up several city blocks. Hey, what's that kid doing!?

A farmer's stall in the Nochixtlan market.

Want to buy a pig? $500MX. Ready to eat in time for Christmas!

The most bling-i-est Hyundai in all of Nochixtlan.

I don't think this room key will fit into a pocket.

Welcome to Asuncion Nochixtlan!

Cycling down into Nochixtlan.

Today has been brought to you by the colour RED!

Heading up into the hills.

We rose as high as 2400m today.

After almost two years, some things are starting to fall apart.

We see a lot of bone...but weren't too sure on this one.

Sitting in the shade at our wild camp overlooking the autopista.

Leaving Coixtlahuaca.

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  • Marg McCallum

    Apr 30, 2016 - Reply

    Again BEAUTIFUL pictures….really good you stayed in the hotel and missed the downpour! Yes it is a challenge when you pick up with someone you haven’t traveled with before…you are both doing great!

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