Frequently Asked Questions When people meet us and hear our story, these are the questions we get the most.

When did you start traveling?
In early December of 2013 we decided to formally set a date. We had planned to leave Canada in November of 2014. As the year progressed we decided we were ready to leave early. We got on a plane in August 2014 and flew to one of the Northern most parts of Canada to begin our trip.
How much will it cost?
We have a pretty tight budget. We plan to spend $30 per day. In some Countries that will be a stretch and in others we will live like Kings. At the end of the day, we’ll figure it out. As of April 2016 we are currently about $5/day under budget.
Where are you from?
Since we’ve begun traveling this is one of the most common questions asked. Andrew was born in St. Thomas Ontario and Amanda was born in Calgary Alberta. We met in Vancouver British Columbia Canada and lived in North Vancouver British Columbia prior to our departure. Now when people ask us where we are from we are sometimes inclined to say the MON (middle of nowhere).
We are not meant to sit at desks and work all day. We’ve both been pretty fortunate to work for respectable companies and we enjoy our jobs for the most part. But something’s missing. Working is not our life purpose. We’re meant to see the world. Share ourselves with others and learn about this amazing planet.
Where are you going?
Since we started traveling this is the second most common question. Depending on who is asking the question and in what context it is being asked, our answer will vary. If we are in a particular area we will give them the short term answer such as we are headed for Jasper National Park. That would be the short term two week answer as I type this. For others we will answer Argentina. That is the longer (2-3 year) plan. And then of course there is the answer of Planet Earth. We want to go everywhere!
How long are your travelling?
The short answer is as long as it takes. We anticipate it will take 10 years to circumnavigate the world. We don’t have anywhere to be so we can be flexible. We’ve done a lot of planning and plan to continually travel. However if we come across a community in a Country that intrigues us, we’re open to becoming part of it and learning about other cultures. We’ll see what happens.
What has been the hardest part?
Amanda is answering this question and the answer may be different for Andrew. For me it is spending every moment with Andrew. Before we left we both had jobs and would see each other at the end of a work day for a few hours. Now we spend every moment together. You learn far more about your partner than you ever thought you would and more than you likely wanted to know. Patience and love have allowed us to work through the struggles that come with this. Andrew writes: Sticking to the budget.
What has been the best part?
The best part is the flexibility that we’ve grown into. Originally we had planned to travel the Americas within 2-3 years. After almost two years of travel we’re not even half way there. We have learned to take breaks, change plans, become immersed in communities and roll with whatever comes our way. We’re enjoyed the fun that comes with changes and are open to new ideas.

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  • Jane Pelusey

    Oct 18, 2014 - Reply

    Hi guys, What an epic adventure you are on. Congratulations on living you passion. We seem to have a similar travel mindset, live life now and go out and get it. I look forward to following your progress. CHeers Jane

    • Amanda

      Oct 19, 2014 - Reply

      Thanks for the comment Jane. Great website. Look forward to reading more including your book Live your Passion. Cheers

  • Paul Ebejer

    Aug 20, 2016 - Reply

    Good one guy’s all the best I’m ridding a cross Australia at the moment my website is cycling
    It’s all new to me but I’m also from Canada Ontario from St Catherines and been riding since 1994.
    If you are ever in Brisbane Australia you have a home to stay in as long as you like Within reason lol. I live in the city so it’s easy to get around I’m not home now because I’m on my cycling trip so safe cycling and hope one day we catch up for a ride together cheers

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