London to Scotland

February 4-7, 2019

What happened…


Amanda writes:

Feb.4 Vinas camping to river camp outside feta Met over Landers in morning. Clayton and Katie. From Jasper. Hope to see then down road. Late start. Shit ripio to border. Saw them and Italian Gabriel at border. They picked up Gabriel. Met in town. Camped with them. Van stuck. Pannier broke. Slept under the milky way fly off.

February 5 Futalife – WC near Lago Yancho Day started late due to late beers night before. Only woke up at 845. Left camp at 11 after hugs. Hope to see them again. Ripio. Nice views. Met Scottish couple. Nice camp spot on lake.

February 6 WC – La Junta Late start and first 15-20k on ripio. Rolled into town that got.washed away last year. Met Dylan from Australia and road with him into La Junta. Stayed at campground for 4000 pp. Hot showers, good WiFi, place to do laundry. Great to hang with him.

February 7 La Junta – Colgante Late start after dogs barking. Rained. Paved for first 25k and then off and on. Saw Gabriel again, met Young Japanese cyclist and James and Jane who we met at BA airport. Shared a beer in Puyuhuapi and then road ahead to get to Ventisquero Colgante glacier. Really pushed hard and was 20 minutes late. Tomorrow rain forecasted. Great day of meeting cyclists. Saw dolphins in ocean.

Andrew writes:text

The aerial view of our rides with pictures:

Today’s Flickr Photographs

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Cycling Stats

February 4, 2019
Start Point: Viñas Nant y Fall campground, Argentina
Destination: Futaleufú, Chile
45.64 km trip, 11.55 km/h average speed, 55.45 km/h maximum speed, 3:57 time on the bike

February 5, 2019
Start Point: Futaleufú, Chile
Destination: Beach camp Lago Yelcho, Chile
58.12 km trip, 10.25 km/h average speed, 38.51 km/h maximum speed, 5:40 time on the bike

February 6, 2019
Start Point: Beach camp Lago Yelcho, Chile
Destination: Ja Junta, Chile
83.96 km trip, 13.64 km/h average speed, 56.86 km/h maximum speed, 6:09 time on the bike

February 7, 2019
Start Point: Ja Junta, Chile
Destination: Ventis Quero Colgante, Chile
71.10 km trip, 14.05 km/h average speed, 45.84 km/h maximum speed, 5:03 time on the bike

Route Description:

February 4, 2019 Shit ripio to the border. After the border it’s paved into town and 10k beyond town where we stopped

February 5, 2019 Gravel roads again all day with undulating hills.

February 6, 2019 First 15-20k on gravel road. Then paved roads again.

February 7, 2019 Paved for first 25k and then off and on. Undulating hills.


February 4, 2019 We slept by the river just outside town at an iOverlander spot. Great quiet place.

February 5, 2019 Nice camp spot on lake for free.

February 6, 2019 Stayed at campground in La Junta for 4000 pp. Hot showers, good WiFi, place to do laundry.

February 7, 2019 Stayed near base of glacier at an iOverlander free camping spot. You could pay for the official camping on the road too or 24 km before in Puyuhuapi you can stay at campgrounds or hotels.

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