Trip Statistics Here is where you'll find notes and numbers about our trip: How far we rode, how much $$ we spent, visa information etc.

Amanda is a big fan of numbers.  In any sport or activity I have always liked to see where I’ve come from, where I ended up and how I got there.  When I used to run I would always track my runs with a GPS watch and try and get faster and compare runs.  Even as a recreational runner I have always kept my own spreadsheets to keep track.  I hope to do the same thing as we travel the world.  If you’re interested in something that I’m not currently tracking, drop me a note and I’ll start tracking it if I can.  Here’s our data since I started tracking our cycling.  We don’t always track it so I may have missed some rides in particular the commuting piece, but its fun to see most of what we’ve done.

We have a spreadsheet of our current travels. We track every cent we spend. As of January 2016 we spend just over $20 per day to travel the world. We hope to continue this trend as our overall budget for our planned ten year trip is $30 per day.

This spreadsheet is our previous riding before we starting our journey around the world.

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