Publications We published our first book!

Our First Publication

Writing is Part of the Passion

Years ago when we began traveling we blogged about our adventures. It was pretty simple to start with and we loved the ability to share it with others. Not only were we able to capture our thoughts and memories, we were able to share and inspire others. As we’ve continued to travel we have also enjoyed the writings of others for the same reasons and it continues to inspire us to share our passion.

Our First Publication

In our first year of travel we visited the Island nation of Cuba. At the time we went (2015), Cuba had just lifted the restriction of US citizens traveling to Cuba. After returning from Cuba we were inundated with questions regarding Cuba. We decided the best way to share our journey with others was to publish it as there were no other published books about cycling in Cuba for over 10 years. Combined with our love for writing and our passion for sharing our journey; we were able to put together our first book. It’s called Let’s Ride Cuba! and you can buy it on

Other forums we share our story

We recognize that not everyone likes to read books; paper print books or eBooks. We also know that not everyone is online. With this in mind we try and make our story available to everyone. We have this website of course, along with a few other websites that we share our adventures with. We have published a few videos over the years on Vimeo and at the bottom of the page we’ve listed other forums we regularly use.

Future Writings & Plans

As we travel we plan to continue writing, not only in the below noted websites but also writing books. We have also talked about doing podcasts and perhaps in-person information sessions. We enjoy listening to podcasts on the road and would love to share our experiences with others the same way we enjoy hearing about other travellers. Before we left a school teacher friend of mine suggested that I could help his geography class by doing a Skype session to show students an area in person and answer questions. He has since moved onto a different subject but the idea stuck with me. In any event, we know that we love sharing our journey with others and will continue to be open to opportunities to do so.

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