Farewell Stephanie

September 1, 2018

After taking a couple of days to organize things from Stephanie’s departure we headed off to Edinburgh, mostly via the train.

What happened…

Amanda writes:

Today would be our first go at taking a train with fully loaded bikes for a long distance in the UK. Overall the experience was great and it really highlights for us again the non existent public transportation in much of Canada. Our train travel had no transfers which was wonderful. The country side along the way was very pretty. The system on the trains has you load the bikes into the end carriage and lifting it up wasn’t that difficult. The conductor of the train provided updates along the way that included notice that our arrival in Edinburgh was going to be 1 hour late due to a power outage. While for many people this could be a huge inconvenience for us it was a thumbs up because it meant a refund anywhere from 50-100% of our ticket price; awesome! This was big news for us being on the heels of an expensive couple of months in Europe. Combine that with the massive train ticket prices it was very good news indeed. Oh ya, I mentioned how great the train system is but did I mention how pricey it is too?! It’s a couple of hundred dollars but really worth it I think. When we arrived in Edinburgh the city was very impressive. It seemed just like the movies and like we imagined it to be. We hadn’t known it at the time but we were arriving at the tail end of a very big annual music festival so finding accommodations was very hard. The only thing we were able to book at was a hostel made out of shipping containers. Very trendy and so many young people partying. It seemed like it would be a lot of fun and while we sat back and watched the festivities we were also pretty tired from travel all day. And just before the night ended we had a video call with a potential house sit in the UK. The couple we spoke to seemed really nice. The man is from Chile and the wife is from Poland and both have lived in the UK for years. They have the cutest little Cockapoo. We’re optimistic we’re a fit for each other which would be great to have a long term place to lay our heads after a couple of months of constant travel.

Today’s Photographs

While we don’t have any photos on this day and instead we just give you the hostel photo in the heading.

Cycling Stats

September 1, 2018
Start Point: London, United Kingdom
Destination: Edinburgh, Scotland
632 km by train
8.83 km trip, 9.76 km/h average speed, 25.38 km/h maximum speed, 0:54 time on the bike

Route Description:

September 1, 2018 This day was mostly on the train. After arriving at the station in Edinburgh we simply made our way to our hostel.


September 1, 2018 We stayed at a super cool container hostel that was only set up temporarily for a music festival.

Farewell Stephanie