Supporters We have been very happy to have partners and vendors that have impacted our lives and subsequently our cycling adventures. If you're interested in supporting our efforts, please contact us or click on the Donate button below.

Air North

As Yukon’s Airline, we are really excited to be flying with Air North to start our adventure in Inuvik, NWT. Right from the beginning, they have been such a friendly, down-to-earth group of people to work with. Jai and Chris were so instrumental in helping us work out the logistics for our equipment, which freed us from worrying.


Black Tusk Jerky

We’ve enjoyed eating Black Tusk Jerky for years, and when friend and founder Dave May offered up some of his tasty treats for our trip, we jumped at the chance. These half-trail mix, half-beef jerky treats have gotten us through many a mountain bike ride, or weekend camping trip, and so we are really thankful to have a healthy stock for the start of our trip.


Meridian Life Design

Jill has been one of the most positive influences in the creation of our adventure.  Jill’s vision that everyone will live their lives with a deeper meaning resonates with both of us.  We would not be where we are today without her support. Andrew writes, “When I first started life coaching with Jill, I was quite skeptical. Over the course of the next year, there were many positive outcomes as a result of my coaching sessions. I especially enjoyed how Jill couldn’t pull any punches when it came to our frank discussions. Thank you Jill for helping enrich my life, and most importantly, helping me realize my life purpose.”


Obsession Bikes

Obsession Bikes is our local bike shop in North Vancouver.  James and his team are always encouraging in our adventures and a great resource for information.  We have the pleasure of riding on well tuned bike by one of the finest mechanics Lou and enjoy the community that is Obsession Bikes.

Obsession Bikes

Inspired Fitness & Health

Andrew began a journey to fitness in 2012 in preparation for a bicycle race.  As I watched him work hard to transform his mind and body and gain strength and confidence he inspired me.  I was then introduced to Inspired Fitness & Health through an old high school friend.  It was an accessible, encouraging and supportive health and fitness group online.  With the direction of the leadership team and others; I have since learned how to take care of body and build strength.  The group has taught me the importance of physical wellness and healthy clean eating.   Inspired

Marx Conditioning

Andrew writes, “Having had a life coach for a few years, I realized how important it would be for our trip to be prepared both mentally and physically. Working with Monica Marx enabled me to gain the confidence in myself to finally feel strong, look strong, and be strong.”





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