Trying to Convince Andrew
Our Last Day of Cycling Before a Rest

August 12 & 13, 2017

After taking a days rest in Ayacucho we headed out for what we considered the final push to Cusco/Machu Picchu. After a bitterly cold first night we headed out for what we hoped would be some downhill on the second day.

What happened…

Amanda writes: The day started with tensions high. Not a lot was said and we headed out on the day. We had a big ride ahead of us so I’d like to think we were both quiet just trying to focus our energies on the day ahead. Later in the day I learn that Andrew had changed the configuration of our bags and the things in them. He had moved things around so that if we got separated he would have what he needed. WTF? In the three years that we’ve been cycling not once have I gone the other way or taken off. In my mind no matter what we’re a team. Apparently that trust and commitment is one sided. At the end of the day I wasn’t even mad about it. I was sad. I broke down in tears at the fact that Andrew is in such a bad state of mind that he was preparing for me to take off. Tough times right now.

Aside from the marital drama the ride was beautiful. We didn’t take many pictures but the landscape continues to change with every mountain pass. We had clearly bitten off more than we could chew because we didn’t make it to the place we had planned and pushed a bit too hard. We had a difficult time finding water and set up camp as the sun was setting on the first day. On day two the landscape continued to be sweeping valleys as far as you could see. As we made the turn toward Ocros we had an awesome big downhill that again was paved and super fun. I love just flying down the big hills and need to remind myself it would really hurt if I crashed and so I occasionally tap the brakes.

After the big downhill we blew through the town of Ocros as it was smaller than we had hoped. Then as we started riding along the rivers edge we knew we had yet another climb ahead of us. We both agreed that after our hard day yesterday if we could get a taxi up the hill, we would do it. No point in torturing ourselves. Within 5 minutes of agreeing on getting a lift a taxi pulled up and for less than $10 he would take us and all our things up the hill. And so we headed into Uripa and found a hotel with hot water and got ourselves a nice meal.

The aerial view of our ride:
August 12, 2017

August 13, 2017

Today’s Photographs

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Trying to Convince Andrew
Our Last Day of Cycling Before a Rest