Sedona and Northern Arizona near Grand Canyon
I Love Our Life

April 16, 2018

We continued cycling North toward Utah and enjoyed the scenic views of Sedona and the landscape as we neared the Grand Canyon.

What happened…

Amanda writes: We had seen pictures of Antelope Canyon as I’m sure most of us have in the world. It’s this magical place in a desert like atmosphere with deep canyons with amazing sunlight. We decided to splurge and do the Upper Antelope Canyon tour from town which was $68 USD per person. Way more than what we normally spend on sightseeing and worth every penny. I’ll let the pictures and Andrew tell you the story

Andrew writes:So we showed the Swiss how to wild-camp, just on the outskirts of Page. It was a really nice wild camp spot actually, away from the highway and overlooked Antelope Canyon. We had a few visitors out walking in the evening, but no one seemed that upset that we were camping there. It was close enough to town that I was able to ride down and get beer for all of us too.

The following morning we checked into our hotel because it was windy, cold, and it gave us a chance to go see the beautiful box canyons. There was an unplanned rendevous outside the Walmart as we all stocked supplies for the next leg through rugged Utah.

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Cycling Stats

April 16, 2018
Start Point: WC near Page, Arizona, USA
Destination: Page, Arizona, USA
16.99 km trip, 15.8 km/h average speed, 52.8 km/h maximum speed, 1:04 time on the bike

Route Description:

April 16, 2018 We went into town on a paved road. There are lots of stores and restaurants around.


April 16, 2018 Near the edge of town there is a campground for $30. Instead we chose to stay at the Rodeway Inn for $65. It included wifi, laundry and a hot breakfast. It was a good reset.

Sedona and Northern Arizona near Grand Canyon
I Love Our Life