Excited ... scared ...

Back in May, Amanda and I met up with a bunch of B-Teamers when we were riding on the Sunshine Coast. I think of the B-Team as a bicycle gang. It’s basically a big group of people who enjoy biking, beer & bacon (ok, and boobs too). We were fortunate enough to get an invitation to spend the August long weekend with the B-Team at their annual campout.

We arrived late Thursday night after a long drive (7hrs) from Vancouver to Chute Lake, BC.

Amanda skillfully drove us up the long, dark, steep and twisty forest-service-road (FSR). Fortunately, we already had a tent site picked out and some friends had setup our tent. Thus, despite the rain, we were able to get settled quite quickly.

Friday morning we woke up and just sort of hung out around the camp.

Later in the day after more people had arrived, a group of 15 of us drove down to Naramata to do a winery tour. This included Elephant Island Fruit Wines, and Hillside Estates Winery.

The Triple Nipple is also sort of like the drinking “Olympics”. The first event was a downhill race + beer chug. The top two times (Male & Female) from each chapter would be combined to come up with a winner. Thus, despite Amanda being one of the fastest gals down the mountain, her beer chugging leaves a bit to be desired.

After the race, it was a nice ride along the Kettle Valley Railway trail back to the cars.

The second event was actually a combination of Flip Cup, Beer Pong and Frickets (knock beer cans off posts from 40 feet with a Frisbee).

The third event was a cookoff. Teams had an hour to shop, with a $100 budget. Then they had 3 hours to cook and present their meals.

Coast – BBQ’d lamb w/rice pilaf, chocolate cake w/candied bacon vanilla icing

Shore – We made smoked salmon cakes, crepes with chicken, spinach and asparagus, dessert crepes with peaches, and freshly made peach ice cream.

Drifters – A&W inspired hamburgers, french fries and onion rings

Tri-Cities – Pirate themed watermelon pirate ship fruit salad, seafood broil with crab, shrimp and sausage, nectarine crumble for dessert.

Ridge – The winning dinner included an East indian feast with curry, rice, boccocini w/tomatoes, and a creamy yogurt dessert.

After dinner, Amanda and I were initiated into the B-Team. We also successfully built “wizard sticks” with a 10-can minimum, although we didn’t get a chance this time to joust with them on our bikes.

We really look forward to more B-Team events in the future such as the upcoming Rebel Ride, and the AGM.

Excited ... scared ...