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Eurovelo 6 in Eastern France

July 22-24, 2018

After almost a week in Paris we headed out of the city on a train and began cycling. We had some ground to cover if we were going to visit the places we had planned.

What happened…

Amanda writes: I enjoyed our time in Paris and was also happy to get back on the bikes. Train travel while easy is also tiring so we didn’t go as far as we had originally planned. In Dole We stayed at a warm showers host where we pitched a tent in their yard. It was a family of 5. We relived their South America tour with them which was great as they had a new picture book. They were leaving in a few days for the UK on a cycling trip. On the first day I was trying to take some pictures and realized we lost our 32G SD card for the camera. Andrew was processing pictures on the Macbook in the hotel room in Paris and we must have not put it back in the camera. We called the hotel to inquire about it but they didn’t find it. Fortunately we had removed all the pictures off the card so that’s something I guess. I was a bit frustrated with Andrew for a reason I can’t remember and I took a one hour break which was equally frustrating for everyone. I’m loving the cycling but tensions are running a bit high which is unfortunate because I’d like for this to be perfect for Stephanie. I must remember that’s not possible. In any event the views are incredible.

Stephanie writes: On the 22nd we woke up super early and said bye to Scott and Sarah. They gave us some pastries for breakfast which were obviously awesome because she’s a pastry chef. We took a train for 3 hours and to access the train we had to go down 1 flight of stairs and then up 2 flights on the other side with our bikes packed. While we were cycling there was a HUGE grasshopper that landed/jumped on me and scared me. We ended up camping at a spot next to a water slide with a pool place and met some German ladies that were also touring by bicycle. We rode 50 km on this day.

On the 23rd we woke up and had breakfast with the German ladies. Amanda lost her watch while packing up the tent and was a bit mad/frustrated at that. We left the campsite and went along the river for basically the entire ride today. We stopped at a little cafe thing and met two Swiss-German ladies and then again ran into the German ladies from the campground last night. We enjoyed nice cool drinks at the cafe and they refilled our water bottles for us. The Swiss-German people love the instruments and were commenting on Amanda’s guitar. We arrived at our hosts and it was a nice family. The Dad is Fabrize, Mom Laure and three kids; Annuque 14, Timothy 12 and Zilly 9. Timothy plays the trumpet and used to play the trombone and Zilly plays the Oboe. They played music for us and Figuero is their dog. We had dinner with them and they shared stories of their 6 month trip to South America. We pitched our tent in their backyard and then Andrew showed the Dad his stoves.

On the 24th in the morning when we left Fabrize didn’t want to kiss Andrew goodbye which was kind of funny. At the beginning of the day we had to ride uphill. Amanda and I didn’t know about the hill and Amanda had to stop to take a break. We saw a super cool waterfall and inside the tunnel it was pitch black. There were so many spiderwebs and cobwebs that literally covered all the walls. There were some cool light on the roof and it was really creepy with water dripping from the ceiling. There was also some weird white things hanging from the roof. In the afternoon we got to a cool town with a huge castle fort thing and Amanda went back through part of the tunnel to teach while Andrew and I played some board games. Andrew and I were talking and we might go paragliding.

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Cycling Stats

July 22, 2018
Start Point: Paris, France
Destination: Seurre, Bourgogne, France
54.27 km trip, 14.28 km/h average speed, 30.8 km/h maximum speed, 3:48 time on the bike

July 23, 2018
Start Point: Seurre, Bourgogne, France
Destination: Dole, France
48.16 km trip, 15.12 km/h average speed, 31.1 km/h maximum speed, 3:11 time on the bike

July 24, 2018
Start Point: Dole, France
Destination: Chalezuele, France
75.22 km trip, 17.61 km/h average speed, 41.3 km/h maximum speed, 4:16 time on the bike

Route Description:

July 22, 2018 We took a train from Paris to Chalon Sur Saone. Then we cycled mostly along the euro velo 6 route. We had planned on staying at a warm showers in Dole but got tired and ended up stopping sooner and camping.

July 23, 2018 We started following the euro velo 6 route signs which led us away from the river. We could see a path along the river. We stopped following the ev6 signs and followed the river instead. The path was along the river the whole way. 1 section says prohibited but we followed it without a problem. It was a great route. Dole has a campground and stores.

July 24, 2018 The day started nice and early. We had hoped to get to the campsite early. We left our brand new meat and cheese at the host last night. We followed the ev6 route even up a big hill. The route was flat along the river and had a nice waterfall and a cool wall in Besancon.


July 22, 2018 We passed at least 2 campgrounds along the way and stopped at Camping de La Plage in Seurre. It was $17.60 euros for 3 people and 10 for the tent. The pool next door is $3.80 euro per person. There are lots of wild camping opportunities in the area too.

July 23, 2018 We stayed at a warm showers host in Dole and there is a campground in this town.

July 24, 2018 We camped at Camping de Besancon in Chalezuele. It cost $7.05 for a tent and $10.80 for two adults. It was a nice campground. There are wild camping opportunities.

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Eurovelo 6 in Eastern France