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May 20, 2017

This post will be a little out of order, but I had to release it on May 20th.

Amanda writes:

Happy Birthday Mom

Today is my Mom’s 73rd birthday. Today is one of those days I wish I could be at home with her, however I have made a choice to travel instead. One of the best parts of my decision is that my Mom was one of the most supportive people in our decision to change our lives. She didn’t hesitate with a big smile and a good for you when we told her our plans.

When Andrew and I began our journey in 2014 there was a part of me I thought it was the last time I would see my Mom. You never know what will happen in life and we’re not getting any younger, so my Mom and I did have pretty candid conversations about it a few years ago. So when we were able to come and visit recently it was an unexpected bonus. We spent some great quality time together and I felt like I saw my Mom in a different light.

This time around when visiting my Mom and speaking to her I was struck by how beautiful she is. She has the most amazing big brown eyes that are filled with so much passion. I don’t know that I ever noticed that before. When she smiles it fills her entire face and while it’s not often, it’s amazing. During some of our visits she also shared some great compliments that were so nice to here.

Kind and gentle words don’t often flow easily from my Mom so I was so pleased when she told me to tell Andrew to take care of me and for me to take care of Andrew. She told me that we are a good couple and she can see that we have fun and that we still have romance. I told her that was very nice to say and I appreciated the complement. She said Andrew is a good man. She also talked about how she thinks I am beautiful. She saw the picture of me from San Carlos this year and talked about how beautiful she thinks I look in it. Again an amazing compliment and one that filled my heart. In the picture she is referring to I look very much like her and in turn, she is beautiful. In fact she is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known. She has such a big heart and while not always good; she would do anything for her children. I’m so lucky to have her as my Mom and to have spent this bonus time with her.

So with that being said it was great to see her. Unfortunately life isn’t perfect and I wish things were different for her. It’s heartbreaking to see her quality of life and some choices she has made. I could go on about how wrong the situation is, but instead today I celebrate the day she was born. She is an incredible woman who sacrificed so much in life to pave the way for me to fulfill my dreams. And so with that, anyone that is lucky enough to speak to or see their Mom; remember how lucky you are and give her a big hug. And anyone reading this, if you happen to see my Mom please give her a hug on my behalf.

Love you Mom!

Prep Time: Cajamarca
And we're off!