Not Quite on a Roll
Happy Birthday Amanda!

August 15, 2015

What happened…

Andrew writes: It was hard getting to sleep last night. Around 2200hrs a storm rolled in and over Greg’s house, and lightning lit up the night for the next few hours. I fell asleep when the thunder finally receded sometime after midnight. Waking up this morning, there was little change. I really wasn’t eager to have my first full day back on the road to be a wet one.

Everyone in the house seemed to be lagging a bit. Greg had been texting with my sister Kim, and she wanted to meet us for breakfast; something about a $5 breakfast at the casino. I LOVE CASINOS! Amanda does not. Greg drove us out to meet Kim, and it was 1100hrs when we started breakfast, and I think 1330hrs by the time we got back to his place. It was still raining. There was 0% chance of riding bikes today, and Greg was happy to have us for another night.

Greg refused to allow us into the kitchen, despite our protests. His logic is that we are doing seriously awesome things that he can’t, so he wants us to continue being awesome on his behalf, and to pay it forward. Greg loves to cook, having served us spaghetti squash last night, and tonight it was BBQ chicken with a yummy spinach and pear salad with pie for dessert.

I am stuffed. Today has been a lot of food. The night ended with some more movies and then early to bed so that we can get a good start tomorrow morning.

Amanda writes:
The electrical storm last night was super cool. That’s one of the things I miss about Alberta; awesome storms. Having lived in Vancouver over the last 20 years there are not a lot of storms. Loads of rain but no real storms.

I was relieved when Greg and Maria offered for us to stay another night. It was just pouring rain. The whole day was super chill and just what we needed. Greg was such an incredibly generous host and as Andrew said took charge in the kitchen. I really like to try and contribute in the kitchen when we stay with someone but Greg made it comfortable for me to sit back and keep him company in the kitchen.

He was just so chill and it was an awesome lazy weekend day. Watched movies, ate food and had afternoon naps. We are so lucky to have had the opportunity to not only meet Greg but to get along with him so well. He really is an absolute treat.

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Not Quite on a Roll
Happy Birthday Amanda!