Defeat in Diegam
Head winds hold us back

Friday July 15, 2011
Nancy – Bourbonne-les-Bains
117.3 km
6:32 in the saddle

Amanda writes:

While the distance and time may sound like a lot it really was very nice. Beautiful countryside and rolling hills. Nothing too strenuous with the exception of a very steep hill close to Nancy. The GPS route Andrew loaded was wonderful. So easy to follow and tells you if you made a wrong turn.

Another quaint town by the country side.

We road through many small beautiful towns. Very deserted as most people are away on vacation. I wish I had taken more photos of old stone homes in ruins. Instead it is a memory for my thoughts only. We had a good pace on this day and enjoyed two dinners as the first did not fill us. After our second dinner our distance was 119.4 km on the day.

Another big door on a church in Mechelen.

The fountain of Henry IV, marking a victory against the Spanish in 1593 in Fontaine-Francaise.

Andrew riding up a street in Champlitte.

I liked this day.

Andrew writes:

Today was definitely stress-free since the garmin gps was doing all of the navigating.

Our route for the next 2 days.

I kept expecting soul crushing climbs which never transpired. We ended the ride with a nice gentle descent to Bourbonne les Bain. A very beautiful town with horrible food service. We sat at a table at a restaurant for 25 minutes and no one asked us what we wanted to eat/drink etc. Finally Amanda went inside and ordered. It was the same with the bill. We were still hungry so after finding the campsite and setting up, we rode back into town for a Mexican feast. Strangely enough the only two Mexican items on the menu were fajitas and margaritas, everything else was very French.

I am looking forward to the conclusion of the ride tomorrow and seeing our friends Emmanuel and Nawal in Dijon.

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Location:Nancy – Bourbonne-les-Bains

Defeat in Diegam
Head winds hold us back