Southern Arizona Hospitality
Sedona and Northern Arizona near Grand Canyon

April 8-10, 2018

After a lovely relaxing weekend with a cuddly dog, we set our sights North toward Canada.

What happened…

Amanda writes: We started our journey out of Phoenix and knew we were headed uphill. It was in fact quite easy and we enjoyed the ride a lot even though it was in suburban Phoenix. They’ve done a pretty good job with the roads and bike paths in this area. We were headed to Anthem with a warm showers host we had set up a month in advance, which is quite rare. Brant is a fellow cyclist and presently enjoys riding his motorcycle more. He was such a gracious and generous host and we really hit it off. You know how sometimes you just connect with someone and find it so easy to chat about nothing and everything? Well that’s Brant. After hanging out with him we planned to meet up with him in a couple of nights in Sedona and enjoy another meal and a few beers. Brant is one of those guys who I can see us staying in touch with for years to come. Thanks for being awesome Brant.

After leaving Brant we cycled on a main highway which is normally something we don’t do but the shoulder was so nice and we knew in fact we were allowed by law. We’ve learned to do our research in advance so when a highway construction worker was cursing at us to get off the highway we thanked her for her concern and kept cycling along. I know they often mean well but sometimes I wish they’d take a more friendly approach. No harm done and it really is nice to see people be concerned for our well being.

These three days were really nice and relaxed and included easy riding. The second night we camped in sort of a desert like national park which was really nice and secluded and quiet. Then on the last night we had another amazing warm showers host lined up. This one was very different because the home owner had to leave town. She literally welcomed us into her home, handed us the keys, showed us the pool and our room and said enjoy your stay! I was sorry to not get to meet her more but was grateful for the beautiful home at her fingertips. We got to meet her teenage daughter later that night and she was so chill. We chatted with her a bit before we left the next day.

Oh ya; random act of kindness! We were cycling down the interstate (nice wide shoulder). A guy in a pick up pulls off up ahead of us and we approach him our bikes. He tells us that he has mad respect for what we’re doing and many years ago he was cycle touring. He said he knows that sometimes a warm meal that you don’t have to make is a huge treat and hands us a $20! He says to us in the next town, buy yourselves a treat and be safe. And with that he rolls off in his truck. And so we did just that; we stopped at the McDonalds and had a couple of hot chocolates and some french fries. Americans are so awesome! Thanks Cody.

The aerial view of our rides:


Cycling out of Phoenix included some cool street art.

Our lives recently include infinity pools. This one at a warm showers host.

I guess this is the end of the desert and the beginning of the forest.

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Southern Arizona Hospitality
Sedona and Northern Arizona near Grand Canyon