Reunited in Whitehorse
Prenty Aunts

September 8th, 2014

What happened…

Andrew writes: I kept telling anyone that would ask that we were just waiting for the rain to stop. It rained for 8 days straight. So here we sat. I don’t know if sat is the right word. We were so comfortable and well-taken care of at my Aunt Janets’ house that it was easy to wake up every morning, take a look out the window, turn on the coffee maker, and hunker down inside. During the week, Amanda and I developed a nice routine which included making a nice breakfast, going down to the Midnight Sun Coffee Roasters and enjoying a coffee and free wi-fi, back to my Aunts house for lunch, and then an activity each evening either with my Aunt, or one of my cousins.

I think my favourite time with my Aunt was right when we first arrived and she cooked a huge dinner for us, and her daughters (my cousins) and everyone was sitting around the table. Then after dinner, we played 6-person chinese checkers and it was awesome fun!

I had a really great experience with my one cousin Naomi, who coaxed us out of the house on Friday night to go listen to some live music at a local bar. Rick Sword and the Peckerwoods was the name of the band, and they played a mix of reggae and rockabilly. It was special to me because first Amanda and I got to practice our swing-dancing to one of the songs, and then even got a nice slow dance in later on in the evening. It was also special because of the wild and crazy dancing I got to do with my cousin. She is a fiend on the dance floor and really had me working up a sweat in the dark, close-knit dance floor that we created near our table. Just to be able to let go an dance, I really enjoy that; and it appeared that Naomi does as well. What a special time we shared that night.

Saturday and Sunday was an opportunity to spend with my other cousin, Vanessa, as first we had a nice dinner and played some games and then on Sunday we went fishing. Now anyone who knows me, knows how I feel about fishing. It’s a lot of standing around, doing nothing. True to form, fishing with my cousin, and her son Asher, and her boyfriend Rob, was indeed a lot of standing around in the boat, catching nothing but tree branches, old car tires, and sneakers. It was fun though too! Just being out on the lake, with its warm water, and icy cold wind blowing, in this tiny boat that I thought would tip at any moment, watching Rob catch pike after pike, and Asher playing on his iPhone, and then the look on Amandas face as she held up the pike that she caught…these are the memories that I shall hold dear as we continue our voyage.

I have a value around ‘Family’, and to be able to spend a whole week honouring this value is something I am truly grateful for.

Finally, we have been going back and forth with my friend Junyoung Park (JoJo) over Facebook, as he cycled in Alaska. Out of the blue on Sunday morning he sent a message that he had been caught in a snowstorm and managed to hitch a ride to Whitehorse. 15 minutes later, we had picked him up from Tim Horton’s and he was safely tucked away at Aunty Janets. It looks like he will be joining us for at least the next few days as we cycle down the Alaska Highway and then head south down the Stewart-Cassiar. There is a lot of snow on the nearby hills, and it snowed in Prince George yesterday…hopefully it doesn’t snow (or rain) on our parade as we are determined to make it to Jasper, Alberta.

Amanda writes: When we first arrived Andrew and I needed to spend some time together chatting. We did that and have enjoyed the nice daily routine. Having said that I also have had an itch to get moving. I’ve swayed back and forth between we don’t have any time obligations and I’d like to be riding. It’s been super easy to let the former and comfort of family keep us here. I’ve enjoyed spending some time with both Naomi and Vanessa. Andrew truly is lucky to have such great cousins and family. I’m struck by how cool it is that he has an easy going relationship with all of his cousins. I’m reminded how that before we left Vancouver his cousin Malcolm made it a priority to connect with us. I can see why family is such an important value to Andrew and I’m so glad to be part of it.

After a few days of relaxing we managed to pick up Andrew’s bike from the company that shipped it and started to organize our gear. Then the thoughts of departing entered my mind again but were drowned by the endless rain. Again combined with the amazing hospitality from Auntie Janet, it made it easy to stay. After a couple of days again we considered packing up but wanted to spend time with Vanessa. I’m glad we stayed as we had such a great time chilling out with Rob, Asher and Vanessa. I was then hoping to leave on Monday but our friend JoJo was so close so we decided to wait for him. He’s a good guy and has come so far so the company will be great. Andrew has ridden with him before and I’m glad to have the opportunity.

It’s Monday now and we are getting our final items together. The rain has stopped only to be replaced by frost but we will do this. Move forward as planned and see what this beautiful planet has to offer. The next 4-5 days we will ride with JoJo. At the junction Andrew and I must decide if we will continue down the Stuart Cassiar toward Jasper or cut over to the ferry and head for warmer weather. My fingers are crossed that we can get through some of this cold weather as I’m really excited to see the ice fields.

The Week in Photographs

Reunited in Whitehorse
Prenty Aunts