Peru Divide Part 1 Day 7: Chuck the Canuck
Peru Divide Part 1 Day 9 & 10: Above the Law!

July 12, 2017

After a beautiful dry night of camping we set out with Charles for another day of climbing.

What happened…

Andrew writes: We still had a bit of climbing to do today to reach the top of the first big pass from yesterday, but it was maybe only 5km or so, and I was left feeling like we could’ve made the uphill and downhill sections yesterday which would have made getting into Oyon today that much easier. We enjoyed lunch, the three of us, just above Mina Chanca, at a beautiful laguna. There was this one cow who tormented us a little. Sometimes I wish I had a gun, and BBQ sauce. As it happened, the ride wasn’t that difficult until near the end when we came to a junction, “Oyon, this way, 3km” it said. And that 3km, with the shitty, rocky road, and the brutal headwind, dust kicking into my eyes etc.. was the worst part of it all.

Oyon seems like a nice enough little town, with a big soccer pitch right in the middle where everyone gathers every afternoon to watch the kids, or other organized teams play. I think we’re taking a few days off here.

Amanda writes: We started the day nice and early albeit a bit chilly again. Charles made his breakfast in his tent which wasn’t that bad of an idea based on the chilly temperatures. It was cute to listen to him listen to a podcast and laugh out loud and comment on it. He’s from Quebec and his first language is French so I have no idea what he was saying, but his genuine laugh right from his gut made me smile.

Cycling downhill for a good part of the day was a treat and seeing the landscape change still amazes me. We descended to some warmth and a riverbed with lush green plants and trees. This of course was after sweeping farm lands of herds of sheep and llamas. We came across a few farms that had recently skinned some of their animals and they were drying their skin/fur on the fences. While its a bit gross to see, its interesting and how simple their process is. We knew what the route was today so the few climbs we had somehow seemed easier. For me it’s always nice to know what to expect. The lake just before the peak was really nice. So remote and tranquil.

Again Charles kept pace with us and then some and we it was wonderful to travel with him in these parts. Charles is a geologist so he as able to educate me on the landscape. His interest and enthusiasm in the mountains and land were infectious and I found myself asking more questions than I normally would. He must be having such a ball with traveling in these amazing mountains. It was fascinating to learn why some mountains are different colours or shapes or sizes. And his enthusiasm was wonderful.

We rolled into Oyon and it was nice to be in what seemed to be a bit of a bustling town. While there were lots of people and streets, it did have a bit of a grungy feel to it. Maybe because some of the hustle and bustle comes from mine workers it had a bit of a transient feel to it. In any event it was nice to be in a place that we could easily find hotels, restaurants and stores.

The aerial view of our ride:

Today’s Photographs

Peru Divide Part 1 Day 7: Chuck the Canuck
Peru Divide Part 1 Day 9 & 10: Above the Law!