Yellowbrick Tracking YBV2

In order to keep in contact with friends and family, update the website, archive and upload photos, reload music players, we carry the following electronic components with us. The goal has always been consolidation, and we’re always on the look out for shock proof, water resistant tools that have good warranties. Mountain Equipment Co-op offers a life time warranty on everything that it sells, so we have tried to use them whenever possible. The worst part of the mass of electronics is the fact that we have to charge each component and some of them come with their own proprietary charging connectors. With the use of a solar panel and battery backup, we’ve attempted to standardize on USB charging. It takes a while to get things fully charged, but we figured since we are riding anyways, we should get some benefit out of it, saving trying to find plugs whenever we reach a campground or a restaurant.

Yellowbrick Tracking YBV2

  • Garmin Edge Touring Plus+

    Garmin Edge Touring Plus+
    The Garmin Edge Touring Plus works like the GPS navigator you use in your car, only with maps and features specifically designed to help you find your way by bike.

  • Apple Macbook Pro 13

    Apple Macbook Pro 13
    It may be incredibly thin and light, but MacBook Pro with Retina display is also incredibly powerful.

  • 2x Apple iPad (16GB, 4G LTE)

    2x Apple iPad (16GB, 4G LTE)
    It's lighter and more compact than most all laptop-style computers, and offers very good battery life.

  • Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (left) and Kindle Keyboard 3G (right)

    Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (left) and Kindle Keyboard 3G (right)
    I wouldn't be without a book in the tent at night, but at the same time books fill my panniers and literally weigh me down.

  • Yellowbrick Tracking YB V2

    Yellowbrick Tracking YB V2
    The Yellowbrick Tracker is a two-way messaging device that uses the Iridium satellite network.

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