Apple iPad (16GB, 4G LTE)
Garmin Edge Touring Plus GPS Cycling Computer


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As wonderful as books are, I have a love-hate relationship with them on a bike tour. I wouldn’t be without a book in the tent at night, but at the same time books fill my panniers and literally weigh me down. The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite features a new display with higher contrast, higher resolution, and an LED lighting system to Amazon says simulates ambient lighting. The 3G model includes free access to Amazon’s Whispersync service.

The Amazon Kindle Keyboard 3G e-reader touts up to 3 weeks of battery life with Wi-Fi, has access to the Amazon Kindle store, and weighs only a half of a pound. 3G data provided by AT&T. The Kindle Keyboard was discontinued by Amazon in 2013.

Intended Usage:

Reading books in rain, shine, dark, cold or warm.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly:

Kindles are great for extended battery life, big storage and being small and light.  Andrew has a Paperwhite and I have Keyboard 3G model.  Andrew’s is backlit and mine has a light that I use with it.  Andrew’s is touch screen and mine has a keyboard.  They have been very durable and work regardless of the temperature.  The battery life is the most appealing part of the devices.  We can read for a week before needing to charge them and we read a lot!  We start our day with morning coffee and read for an hour.  We read a lunch break and then when we make dinner and go to bed.  Typically that is about 3 hours per day of reading.  They just keep going.  Amanda’s also has 3G capability and wifi and can go on the internet.  The only challenge we’ve had is Andrew stored his in the map container of his handle bar bag so he could read while riding (not safe – I know).  The heat in the plastic bag caused his Kindle to warp.  It doesn’t sit flat anymore but it still works.  (He no longer reads while riding)

Final Verdict:

We recommend buying these for entertainment.  They’re light and small and a great tool to have.

Apple iPad (16GB, 4G LTE)
Garmin Edge Touring Plus GPS Cycling Computer

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