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Reciprocity Fees in South America

Out of the twelve independent countries in South America, five charge a fee to enter their country: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile and Paraguay. The amount you will be charged depends on your nationality. For example, U.S. citizens are charged $135 USD to enter Bolivia – Canadians and citizens of the UK pay nothing.

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The fee imposed is also in direct relation to what your home country charges residents of the country you are visiting. Paying $135 USD to visit Bolivia is steep, but it is what Bolivianos have to pay when they want to obtain a Tourist Visa to the U.S.

As well, if your home country raises it visa fee for nationals of a country, most likely that country is going to raise the fee for you. Australia decides to start charging Brazilians $50 USD instead of the current $35 USD? Well, then Brazil will most likely start charging $50 USD also. It’s a good idea to check for current fees by contacting your embassy or consulate:   Embassies of the USA, Canada, Australia and UK in South America

Reciprocity Fees (charge for your Tourist Visa) for U.S., Canadian, Australian and British passport holders are: (current as of March, 2012)

Country U.S.Citizens Canadians Australians UK Citizens More Info on Visas & Fees
Argentina $140 USD $70 USD $100 USD none Visas & Fees in Argentina
Bolivia $135 USD none none none Visas & Fees in Bolivia
Brazil $140 USD $65 USD $35 USD $20 USD Visas & Fees in Brazil
Chile $131 USD $132 USD $61 USD none Visas & Fees in Chile
Paraguay $65 USD $65 USD $65 USD $65 USD

Charge To Extend Your Visa

Australians, Canadians and UK citizens may get to enter Bolivia free of charge, but if Canadians or Brits want to stay in the country past the allotted 30 days given to them upon arrival, they will have to pay a fee.

The process – and what you will or will not have to pay – to extend a Tourist Visa difers from country to country. For more information, contact your embassy or consulate:   Embassies of the USA, Canada, Australia & UK in South America

Whether you are granted a single-entry or multiple-entry visa and how many years it is good for depends on your nationality as well – check the Visas & Fees page for the country you are visiting for more information.

Visa Information - Central America

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