Leaving on a Jet Plane
There are worse things than getting fruit stuck in your teeth

April 16, 2015

What happened…

Andrew writes:

I have felt so uninspired to write, or to share with people my experiences over, say, the last 6 months. I don’t know exactly why. One idea I have been considering I think it very “vacation-y” to say, ”We went here, saw this, did that..it was amazing!”. Except this isn’t a vacation. It’s my new life, travelling around the world, taking it all in. I feel as though there are so many things that I have just come to expect as normal, that many others would think strange, exotic, or ghastly; so I don’t say them.

Ultimately it lies with me to decide how and what to share, and for why. I do enjoy sharing pictures or what we come across, I just want everyone to understand that I am not trying to insinuate that my life is any better than anyone else. I want to explain, I want to inform, I want to inspire. So here goes…

I know that it lies within each and every one of us, the power to change our lives for the better, and to achieve your dreams. I have been reading a book lately, called “The 4-Hour Work Week”, by Timothy Ferriss. It talks about structuring your life in such a way so that you have enough money, and most importantly, time. Time is the currency of the newly rich. Amanda and I feel like millionaires in this respect. It all starts with setting dreams and goals, which are what we should all be working towards fulfilling. For us, that dream was to travel around the world on bicycles. Mr. Ferriss also suggests that what we seek in life isn’t necessarily happiness, but excitement. Conversely, what we seek to avoid in life isn’t sadness, but boredom.

As citizens of the “newly rich”, we are seeking out every opportunity we can for excitement, and suggest ways that maybe you too can fill your life with the same. We want you on our team, in our club. I have to admit, it’s pretty awesome. Ok, enough for today, let Amanda talk to you about the ride today.

Amanda writes:

Today began after an interesting night. Andrew and I decided to stay another night at the resort with the help of his Sister. She offered to share her room with us. With her already having 4 people in the room with her husband and two kids, we opted to sleep on the balcony. It just seemed like it would be paradise! Beach front patio with waves lapping beside you, the breeze helping the palm trees sing. It’s warm in Cuba so we just used our silk liners. It was perfect. Perfect until the “no-see-ums” (called “heh-hehs” here in Cuba) started feasting on my face. The worst part was that I was already falling asleep so didn’t realize it right away. I awoke with a start and realized immediately what was happening. I scrambled for my bug-net hat and put it on. Next to me, Andrew asked to use my bug jacket to put over his face. I figured we were safe with our arms tucked into our liners; wrong! I again fell asleep and woke up with bites all over my breasts and my arms. I was about to ask Andrew if we could move inside but he beat me to it. He wanted to move inside because he was too hot. We figured let’s enjoy our one last night of air conditioning before two months of heat.

We got up, had breakfast, packed up the bikes and then decided we should wait a bit for the heat to subside. It never did let up so we just had lunch, gave bigs hugs to the family and off we rode. We were told the tail wind would be good and that was true; the tail wind was amazing! Certainly makes me think that it will suck when we need to ride back to Cayo Coco for the flight home. The causeway was very swampy for a good portion and smelled funny. After getting on the mainland the roads were a bit confusing but we figured it out. The main road to Moron was far busier than I had expected but the cars and endless tour buses were very courteous.

There was one point that was a little strange; a man called out to us as we were trying to figure out a Y in the road. I kept riding, but Andrew started talking to it. Where are you from? Where are you going? etc. Except then the man asked Andrew if he thought his female companion was pretty, and did he like her. Andrew said something along the lines of “I prefer my wife”, in spanish, and then he joined me.

As we neared Moron we met a fellow, Luis, collecting grass on the side of the road presumably for some animals at home and he took us to a Casa Parcitulares (basically Bed & Breakfasts in Cuba). This is what we had read would happen, and it was true. He was very helpful and our Casa is lovely.

Gustavo and his wife Nathasha welcomed us into their “compound”, and we were shown to our suite. For $25CUC we get A/C, bathroom with a shower, a bed, and a refrigerator. Andrew was practicing his spanish-speaking with everyone while I went and had a shower. Natasha offered to show us where a nice restaurant was for dinner, but instead we asked her to re-heat some pizza we had brought with us from Cayo Coco.

The man next door was whistling, and banging away, like firecrackers, on the roof of his shack next door. All of a sudden, a dozen or so pigeons landed on the rooftop. I think they are called “palomas” here, and they are homing pigeons. There is also at least one rooster in the hen house, so I suspect we will be up bright and early in the morning. For now, it’s 9’o’clock and time for bed!

Today’s Photographs

Leaving on a Jet Plane
There are worse things than getting fruit stuck in your teeth