4 Countries, 2 Days, 4 planes
Exploring South Florida

November 4-24, 2017

We were lucky enough to sail aboard the sailing vessel Bailando with our great friend Glenn. As a bonus we celebrated our 10-year wedding anniversary in the Bahamas.

The route we sailed: November 4 we started in Nassau getting settled and then spent a day playing at Atlantis. We visited the water park, checked out the aquarium and enjoyed a lovely dinner. On the 6th we started sailing on some of the smoothest waters we would see in three weeks; it was incredible. We visited Allans Cay in the day and then slept in Highborne Cay. On the 7th we continued along and snorkelled in a sunken plane off Normans Cay and then slept at Shroud Cay. On November 8 we slept near Warderick Wells Cay and on the 9th we enjoyed Compass Cay. On the 10th we stayed at Big Majors spot. On November 11th for our 10-year wedding anniversary we stayed at Staniel Cay for two days and switched crew and enjoyed some land luxuries.

On the 13th we headed out and stayed at Compass Cay. On November 14th we visited Rocky Dundas, Cambridge Cay and O’Briens Cay. On the 15th we swam in some amazing caves at Great Guana Cay, visited Musha Cay, Rudder Cut Cay, and stayed at the Blackpoint settlement on Great Guana Cay. On the 16th we snorkelled at the site of a grand piano near Rudder Cut Cay, then saw Aderle cut, Leaf Cay with some amazing lizards and then went to Lee Stocking Island. Then after some incredible hiking and kite surfing we went to the bigger island of George Town where we stayed put for about a week. All in all a great trip.

Andrew writes: After sailing around the Bahamas for 3 weeks I’ve decided I want to buy a boat. I’m still trying to convince Amanda to change the name of the website to letssailboats.ca. I just think that there are so many plusses to traveling by boat; you can go ANYWHERE in the world by sea (except Saskatchewan), and it serves as a roof over your head. Maybe I was spoiled by Glenn’s comfy catamaran, or maybe I’m just a secret-sailor.

Amanda writes: This is one of those times that pictures can tell the story. We enjoyed three weeks on an amazing 44 foot catamaran. Our first week was with some old friends from San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico. The second week we met some new friends from the USA. They are friends of Glenn’s and we had such a fabulous time getting to know the crew, playing music and board games. The last week included some more great kite surfing while we were moored in Georgetown and had access to the ocean and the luxuries of the island including the nearby Sandals resort. We were not only fortunate to spend more time with Glenn but also to have met new friends that I’m sure we’ll see again. This really was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I have absolutely no regrets that we left South America to do this.

Few things in life capture my curiosity and attention. Since travelling the world for 3 years the new countries and people are always very interesting but in a passing type of mindset. I’m interested while I’m there and beyond that I’m happy to move on. Our most recent adventure of sailing in the Bahamas has captured my full attention and I am so enthralled by the power and beauty of it. Some of my favourite days we’re sitting at the bow watching the boat slice through the Ocean. Over my head the sails flapped and billowed and I was able to lose myself in its beauty. When Glenn would cut the engines and raise the sails the peacefulness I felt was incredible. And every now and then Glenn would let me help control those sails and it was amazing! It’s a rare opportunity and I’m so grateful to have experienced it. Combined with a patient friend/captain I hope to be lucky enough to one day man the sails again.

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4 Countries, 2 Days, 4 planes
Exploring South Florida