Tour Divide Race: These Guys are Nuts!
Vancouver, CA to Amsterdam, NL

File this under the “better late than never” category. I received this e-mail earlier in June from which is sort of like couch-surfing for cyclists.

> Hello,
> My name is Marie-Laure. I’m a french cyclist currently in Vietnam. I will > land in Vancouver on the 15th of june.
> You can find more about my trip on my blog (but it is french)

> I would appreciate to have some tips for cycling around Vancouver (after > Vancouver, I will cycle south, along the coast, until San Diego (CA) – > that’s the plan). Would it be possible to meet you, for a drink for example ?
> Kind regards,
> Marie-Laure

Having exchanged a few e-mails with Marie-Laure, it still came as a bit of a shock when she text messaged me as Amanda and I were at the “Shark Club” about to watch Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. I wasn’t about to give up my seat to meet with her, so we agreed to meet for lunch the following day. Unfortunately, Marie-Laure had a first-hand account of the result of the game. She writes on her blog:

But I had not finished with the good news that June 15 was the day of the finals of the Stanley Cup (hockey).Vancouver was a finalist and the whole city was in turmoil early in the afternoon. Very friendly atmosphere and good until the end of the game (around 20 h). After the rioters broke … Around 22 am I looked out my window, I saw all these people in thestreet. Ten minutes later, this is what was left. A lot of damage. “

Before: Crowds gather to watch hockey.
After: Tear Gas quickly disperses the crowd.

To make matters worse, her bike did not arrive on the plane when she landed. Amanda and I offered to host Marie-Laure while she waited for her bike, and to visit and explore the city with us. Marie-Laure taught us some french customs, as well as helped us with some language lessons. In exchange, we told her what to expect when riding from Vancouver down to San Diego, as we had done the same ride back in 2007.
Marie-Laure sets off on the next leg of her trip!
It was wonderful having this vibrant french woman in our house, especially as we prepare for our upcoming tour. We wish you great success on your journey Marie-Laure!
Tour Divide Race: These Guys are Nuts!
Vancouver, CA to Amsterdam, NL