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Spring time in Whistler Village

The May Long weekend is one that we really look forward to in our house – because that is when the Whistler Bike Park opens for the summer!

Earlier in the week, I had packed my bag, and put my first days’ riding clothes aside. Amanda did something similar, and so when the fateful day rolled around for us to drive up to Whistler, we were ready!

Lovely ladies loading us at the lift!

We ended up riding with some friends we had met on the Sunshine Coast during the Sunshine Coaster DH a few weeks earlier – Steve and Melissa. They were a fun couple to hang out with this weekend.

Riding with Steve and Melissa

For the most part the weather this weekend was pretty great, which ended up being a double-edged sword. It made for excellent riding conditions, but some pretty big crowds and long lines for the lift.

Long lineups all weekend! It was usually a 45 minute wait in line to get back up the mountain.

When Amanda and I were riding together, we spent most of the time on blue runs like B-Line, working on our cornering. It was pretty fun playing, “Rabbit” where we each chased on another. She sure is getting faster!

Practicing cornering on B-Line
Usually after a run or two we stop for a snack and our caffeine fix

My goal for this year in the bike park is to get 50 days in. Amanda’s goal for the bike park is to have fun and finish without injury. Sadly, she burned her lip on some coffee while we were in the lift-line, so she will have to settle for having fun.

Amanda sustained the first bike park injury of the year when she burnt her lip on hot coffee.

Our extended family was also up in Whistler as our nephew William was competing in a dance competition (Hip-Hop). He came in second place!! We spent some quality time with them on the GLC patio, in the hot-tub, watching movies, and playing truth-or-dare!

In non-bike related news, while we were away, someone made us an offer on our condo. Hopefully they buy it so that we can start our trip around the world that much sooner!

Trying to figure out how to use the camera

I think my best shot this weekend was this one.

You can view all of the photos we took in our Flikr photostream!

Johnny Can't Read?
Excited ... scared ...