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What is our life purpose?

Trans-Provence 2011 Teaser. from Trans-Provence on Vimeo.

I saw that the Trans-Provence race starts on Saturday and it made me think about how much fun we had riding in France. It is sort of like the BC Bike Race, except on French soil. Also they don’t time the uphills, only the down. This levels the playing field somewhat.

Competitors from around the world will take part in this unique event that covers 320km including 10,000 meters of climbing and 15,000 meters of descending. Racers will travel from Gap in Provence all the way to Monaco on the coast.

With 26 timed downhill special stages spread across the seven days, the winner will have to be not only fit but also a skilled technical rider. I wonder how I would do on the downhills? I am so used to passing everyone on the way down and getting passed on the way up.

Taking a look at the pro division:

Andreas Hestler
Anka Martin
Ben Cruz
Fabien Barel
Jérôme Clementz
Marc Beaumont
Mark Weir
Nico Vouilloz
Rowan Sorrell
Tracy Moseley

Definitely some top enduro talent, and gotta love that Dre is representing!

For more info go to trans-provence.com

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Location:Gap, France

Dust, Roots and Loam
What is our life purpose?