A reason to go back?
This sounds ominous...

Contemplating this so much lately.  The trip is long over and we’re back in the swing of life.  Is this really what we are meant to do?  Andrew and I talk openly about it daily.  Andrew has a life purpose and it has nothing to do with a career; it has to do with riding bikes!  It’s so inspirational.  Yet I always find myself thinking you can’t just have a purpose of having fun and be responsible.  Can you?

I watch people living the dream.  Siobhan and Matt from Australia that are currently on a 3-year world tour; living the dream.  Marie-Laurie who texted us last night to say she is 180 km west from Port Elisabeth in South Africa; also living the dream.

At least we can both agree on one goal; in 2019 we will embark on an around the world trip on our bicycles.  What we do between now and then is the big question.

I just wrote letters to the Mayor of Vancouver and the Mayor of North Vancouver as an advocate of an upcoming vote for Tranlink’s Moving Forward plan.  The plan is for expansion projects that include an increase in funding towards improved bicycle routes in the Greater Vancouver Regional District.  I love this stuff!  We are so lucky to live in a such a beautiful place and to be able to ride our bikes all year.

Since we’ve returned from our trip there is not a day that goes by that we don’t appreciate the City and that we can ride our bikes when we want.  So what is my purpose again?  Apparently to live vicariously through Andrew’s care free attitude while I head back to the office.

Here’s some pictures of my appreciation of our beautiful City.

Okay so this one isn’t the beautiful City but this is what I came back to at the office after a month off.  Yikes!

When I returned from vacation my wonderful colleagues left me a warm welcome in my office.

Some nice golfing at one of our favorite local golf courses.

Some great boating with our friend Megan Sewell near Bowen Island.  

Taking a nice stroll near out home.  A look back at the gazebo where we said our “I Do’s”.

Some more boating – this time Andrew with his Grandpa in Genelle, BC.

Some nice wine and dine with colleagues in West Vancouver.

Appreciating some cool art in Vancouver by a train station.

A nice new bike rack in North Vancouver that caught my eye.

My view every day as I ride home.  Those tall towers are where I just came from.

And the view from my office looking down at the leaves changing colors in Autumn – is this my life’s purpose?
A reason to go back?
This sounds ominous...