Salt Lake City & Bailando Friends
France wins the World Cup!

Early May & June 2018

What happened…

Amanda writes: I had forgotten how awesome BC really is. 1-2 months wasn’t long enough for me! Our schedule was jam packed with friends, family, old colleagues, mountain biking, hiking, planning, packing. We even made it up to Whistler and it just wasn’t enough time. Sometimes I get nervous before we come home because we are away so much and peoples lives change. I sometimes wonder if we’ll fit in. It’s clear that our friends are so for a reason. Everyone welcomes us back in the groove with open arms and it’s like we never left. I’m still a shitty golfer and my friends are able to laugh at my enthusiastic fails on the course and still have fun.

As an added bonus our friends from the States came to visit us! Remember some of the crew we met in the Bahamas on Glenn’s yacht the Bailando? Well Tracey from Salt Lake City and Lori from San Fransisco decided to hop on a plane and come and visit. I only wish we had actual accommodations to put them up, but they were good sports. We spent a day exploring Vancouver and rode around Stanley Park. Then with the amazing generosity of our friend Eric we were able to drive everyone up to Whistler to share our piece of paradise with them. We rented some mountain bikes and hit the trails. I’m still amazed at how lucky we are to have met them on the boat in the Bahamas and how great it is that we hit it off so well. Can’t wait until you visit us in Mexico; and this time you need to bring Shiva!

By the end of our time in Vancouver I was just left planning the next time we come to visit. We have the most amazing friends and while peoples lives change; clearly the friendships remain.

Andrew writes:So we had pre-planned to return to Canada when it wasn’t snowing, and we could pick up our niece and bring her cycling with us to Europe for the summer. We enjoyed a really lovely housesit right in our old neighbourhood in North Vancouver during most of our time back.

I decided to have a go at playing the cello, and it was really easy to rent one just for the month that we were back. Having rented a violin, now a cello, and taken a few lessons, it was really nice to be recognized at Long & McQuade when I walked in. So the cello? Well, I think it sounds lovely, and while it is similar to the violin, it definitely will take a lot more practice. We enjoyed a few mountain bike rides with friends, playing pickleball down at the community centre with the pickleball peeps, and playing cards with Megan and Paul. 1-2 months seems like just the right amount of BC time for me.

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We cycled from the airport to our home and stopped for lunch remembering how gorgeous it is here.

Our Bailando sailing friends came to Vancouver to visit! We got to play tour guide in Vancouver.

Two of our friends from the Bailando sailing trip in the Bahamas came to shred the trails of Whistler with us!

Some of our adventures

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Salt Lake City & Bailando Friends
France wins the World Cup!