North to Salt Lake City
Beautiful British Columbia

Early May 2018

What happened…

Amanda writes: Glenn is one of our good friends who we originally met in San Carlos. You may recall us telling you about him when we went to the Bahamas late last year. Glenn owns the awesome catamaran that we were lucky enough to sail around the Exumas on. He was still in the Bahamas when we arrived at his place in Utah but he graciously opened the door to us and let us use his place as a home base to play around in the area. So we settled in for about a week and explored the amazing Heber valley. It is also home to a few friends that we made on the boat.

We cycled around the area a bit, played with some of Glenn’s toys and even went golfing. Burt is one of the guys we sailed with and he lives nearby. Glenn’s suite of toys reminds me so much of when Andrew and I still worked and had a home. We enjoyed trying out almost all of his bikes and had a blast with the local kids on the streets cycling around. After enjoying some very comfortable down time we headed into Salt Lake City to hang with some other friends me made on the boat. We met so many cool people on that boat and I just can’t believe the awesome connection we made with them all in just a week!

So we headed to our other friends place and hung out there for a couple of days. As luck would have it another person from the Bahamas trip happened to be in Salt Lake City for a conference so we all went for dinner and did some pretty cool Salt Lake City sightseeing. It was so great to see them again and we picked up right where we left off. These are the connections that life is all about! Good friends and amazing memories. I can’t wait to see them again!

Andrew writes:I was really impressed with the Mormon church and conference centre in Downtown Salt Lake. They had some impressive artwork, and the volunteer guide that showed us around was really such a swell guy. Some of the other volunteers that we talked to had come from all over the world. I had a great time golfing with Burt, and visiting with Janksy and Lori. Everyone was so really very nice to us. A huge thank you to our friend Glenn for letting us enjoy Midway from his place, for Burt lending us the van, for Janksy for putting us up and for Utah being so awesome.

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Cycling through the beautiful Heber Valley.

One of the beautiful churches we visited in Salt Lake City.

More beautiful churches in Salt Lake City.

While none of us claims to be religious it seemed like the appropriate picture to take.

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North to Salt Lake City
Beautiful British Columbia