Time to Let Go
Where do we start?

This week we sold the last of bikes that we are not taking around the world. While this should be a joyous celebration for us as we are moving a lot of our things out, it really came with mixed emotions. We enjoy riding bikes in different environments and this marks the end of those opportunities. And so we’ll take this opportunity to reflect on the bikes that have provided us so much enjoyment.

Olmo Road Bike

Amanda's Italian Olmo

  • Owner: Amanda
  • Type: Road bike
  • Application: Road riding on paved roads in tight spandex and sunglasses going high speed
  • Best Feature: Finally finding a bike that fit my short stature, listening to the sexy hub roll as I road and just gliding with so much ease.


Rocky Mountain Flatline

Amanda's Rocky Mountain Flatline

  • Owner: Amanda
  • Type: Downhill bike
  • Application: Shuttling or lift access downhill mountain biking parks like Whistler
  • Best Feature/Memory: Being able to point the bike down the gnarliest trails and trusting the bike to just soak it up. Hitting the GLC drop and a couple of transitions on A-Line in the Whistler bike park.


Giant Cypher

Amanda's Giant Cypher

  • Owner: Amanda
  • Type: Cross Country
  • Application: Cross country mountain bike trails and riding up or down trails
  • Best Feature: This bike fit me so well and was so shiny. Andrew put a sticker on it for me when he bought it that said “Love”. When people would look at my shiny bike and ask me what kind of bike it was I would tell them it was a Giant Love.

Kona Cinder Kone


  • Owner: Amanda
  • Type: Hard tail
  • Application: This was my daily commuter for years!
  • Best Feature: This bike just keeps on going. We rode this bike to Mexico in 2007 and I’ve been commuting on it up until 2014. I can only imagine how many miles it has on it and it’s been amazing.

Norco ORD


  • Owner: Amanda
  • Type: Road Bike
  • Application: Road riding
  • Best Feature: This was my first road bike. It was too big for me and I’ve shared it with many friends and family for riding and even for someone’s first ever triathlon

Norco CRD

Andrew's Norco

  • Owner: Andrew
  • Type: Road Bike
  • Application: Road riding
  • Best Feature: The carbon fork really smoothed out the bumps in the road. I really thought that the integrated brakes and gear shifters were cool.

Specialized Demo 8

Andrew's Specialized Demo 8

  • Owner: Andrew
  • Type: Downhill Bike
  • Application: Shredding brown pow and railing berms in the bike park
  • Best Feature: It was like riding a big comfy couch. I liked to try to fly off jumps and whip out my back end.

Ibis Mojo

Andrew's Ibis Mojo

  • Owner: Andrew
  • Type: XC / All-Mountain
  • Application: Pedalling up and riding down
  • Best Feature: It was 27lbs..super-light and great for getting me up into the alpine and then back home safely.

Cove Sanchez

Andrew's Cove Sanchez

  • Owner: Andrew
  • Type: Dirt Jumper
  • Application: Pumptrack shenanigans and airbag funtimes.
  • Best Feature: That time that I jumped into the air bag and took my feet off both pedals and put them back on before I landed. That was awesome!

And so ends an era of enjoying so many different styles of cycling.  The variety has been so enjoyable and while we will mostly be on our touring bikes now, our travels will not preclude us from trying different types or cycling while we enjoy our journey.  It may just be a bit more work to get the bikes and gear.

Stay tuned for introductions of Pablo and Diablo…

Time to Let Go
Where do we start?