What is Happening?!
Thanks Vancouver!

March 2017

Planning, procrastinating and more procrastinating.

What happened…

Amanda writes: We’ve been here in the Vancouver area since December and time has flown. In a lot of ways as I type this I feel like we’ve accomplished nothing and wonder if part of that is being sucked back into the vortex that is ‘normal life’. And while we haven’t accomplished anything, my heart is full with love from so much time with friends and family. We’ve both packed on the pounds which isn’t necessarily the worst thing for Andrew as he can never carry enough weight while cycling. I had a big list of things I wanted to do yet my procrastination has been in full force since we’ve been here. On a positive note I’ve matured over the years and know there is no value in feeling poorly of it, and instead learn from it. We’ve also been inspired by others while we’ve been here which is nice.

There is a blogger on Crazy Guy on a bike that we have followed regularly over the years named Timothy Tower. Tim blogs in a manner that appeals to me as he is clear about the routes, what he experienced, what it costs and so forth. He recently reached out to us to let us know that he too enjoys our blogging style. Somehow coming from him it means a lot to us and we are so appreciative of his feedback. It inspires me to blog more regularly and continue to be detailed. In addition I hope it inspires Andrew as you may recall he has been pretty silent recently. Andrew has also received feedback from other people who read our blog that we were unaware read our blog. It’s become clear that people miss his writing and I hope that he rejoins me when we’re back on the road. His comic relief and perspective is enjoyed by so many, myself included. Although at the end of the day he needs to blog because he wants to. It’s not always easy to tell if anyone is reading this and while that’s not why I blog it is always nice to hear that people are out there.

So with that I’m going to try and work on some photo and video editing and get this post out there as we pack our bags for the next leg of our journey. We booked out flights to you’ll never guess where?! Yes I officially think we’ve lost our minds.

Stay tuned …


Andrew in full misery mode here in Canada.

Spending time with one of our nieces who somehow is now taller than me.

Andrew sharing his love for music with one of our nephews.

My other nephew ready for hockey.

Colleagues from 25 years ago and still friends!

What is Happening?!
Thanks Vancouver!