Is Mexico Home?
Planning and Procrastinating

January & February 2017

I haven’t been blogging in some time as I’ve been enjoying visiting family and friends. After almost two years, we returned home to see family and friends.

What happened…

Amanda writes: For so many days I’ve meant to blog but haven’t. And part of me thinks I’m less inspired to do so while doing ‘normal’ things, but as my fingers strike the keyboard I remember how much I like it. So thanks for sticking with us and here goes a bit of an update.

After our amazing time in San Carlos, we hopped on a bus North for Arizona. We had heard the bus was a good option for people coming to San Carlos and now we had the opportunity to try it first hand. It was great! I would recommend it to anyone coming down. It was comfortable and quite quick. It was an overnight bus so we were able to sleep for much of the ride but I think it had only 3-4 stops including the border crossing which didn’t take more than a 1/2 hour. After that we took a cab to the airport and then we were on the home stretch.

We arrived in Vancouver and took a series of public transportation with the final leg being a ferry over to North Vancouver where our good friend Megan picked us up. Megan and her husband Paul have been our amazing friends for years and it was like no time had passed. After some great hugs we headed up to her place and settled right in. On New Years Eve it snowed a lot! I didn’t mind it a bit, I hadn’t seen snow in years so it was fun. We got to ride toboggans with the kids and play in the snow. We even had some of our other friends walk up to Megan’s house to see us and bring new years greetings. It was right then that I knew we had made the right choice to visit. Our friends were quick to reach out to us and so many wanted to see us. I found myself really stoked to be here.

After a couple of days with Megan we then popped over to see one of my sisters and her family. It was so awesome to see them and see how much the kids have grown! We stayed with them for a few days before heading over to Vancouver Island for about a week so Andrew could visit his Grandfather and Uncle and Aunt. I’m really glad we made that trip as it was great to see them.

And while I won’t bore you with every detail of our time off the bikes just know that seeing so many friends and family has been amazing. More blog posts will follow soon to let you know where we go from here.


I was enjoying the snow immensely.

Andrew laced up the skates within 24 hours of arrival.

Vancouver really is beautiful. Enjoying a ferry ride.

Is Mexico Home?
Planning and Procrastinating