2016 Equipment Refresh

Top 5 Gear Accessories for Bicycle Touring
We returned to Canada in early 2017 and took the opportunity to renew some well worn gear.

We need to upgrade some equipment that has been well used for our first 2.5 years (915 days!). While we’re ready to buy new equipment we also know that we use things every day and they wear and fade fast, so really there is no need for items to be shiny and new; just functioning. So we tried to get used gear where possible with the selling (or buying) feature of it will travel the world. For those people who sold and/or shared their experienced gear with us, we offered to send them postcards and/or stories and pictures of their equipment traveling the world. Win/win situation for all!

Here’s the list of goods we set out to replenish in early 2017.

Tubes (26 x 2.0)
Flat repair kit
Long sleeve wool shirt Andrew (size small)
Short sleeve wool shirt Andrew (size small)
Wool pants Andrew (size small)
wool socks x 2
bear bell
bear spray
under seat tool bag for Amanda
Cycling gloves for Andrew
Lights for bikes (rear & front)
New waterproof handlebar mounts for iPhones (for mapping routes)
Tarp system for bike coverage
2-person mosquito net (no more Zika)
Larger pak-towel for Amanda (quick dry towel from MEC)
Waterproof cycling jacket (Size small)
water bladder for frame bag (current bladders are green – gross)
mesh nets for back rack and guitar (nets are stretched)
Goretex jacket (small – has holes)
whistle (for cycling in big cities)
lighter (for stove)
portable small bluetooth speaker (for handlebar bag – headphones not safe)
gravity water filtration
Waterproof guitar case (current case is duct taped)
Battery bank for each handlebar bag (current power packs don’t work anymore)
New rechargeable battery charger wall plugin (charger kit doesn’t work anymore)
Water bottles for cages on bikes x 4
Baseball caps with mesh back for hot climates x 2(current hats are gross!)
Hot pockets (toe & hand) for upcoming high altitude Andes
3-prong extension cord (current cord sparks when you plug it in)
Waterproof gloves (not that they exist)
40-60 liter backpack (current pack torn)
Titanium utensils (lost a set in Nicaragua)

Top 5 Gear Accessories for Bicycle Touring

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