Head winds hold us back
Wine Country

Sunday July 17, 2011

Amanda writes:

Today we took a rest day in Dijon courtesy of our friends Emmanuel and Newel. Last night we arrived at about 7:30. Emmanuel was concerned that we were so late and came out looking for us on his motorcycle.

The view from our friends flat that we stayed at.

The stairs leading up to our friends flat. Yes we did have to carry the bikes up.

We arrived safely to their beautiful flat and a terrific meal. They truly have been very generous hosts. We were able to do our laundry and get a wonderful sleep. It was so nice and quiet.

Look closely, that’s me in the window.

Then we received a personal tour of Dijon. It is a beautiful City. Emmanuel is taking vacation with us for a week and has planned a wonderful route over the next week ending in Grenoble for the time trials for the Tour de France. I have my heart set on the Alp de ‘Huez and he was gracious enough to modify the plans to allow us to also do that. I am so grateful.

This is a tombstone of Saint Benigne from the year 1001. It is below the St. Benigne cathedral which was built between 1789 and 1793 after the original collapsed in 1280.

Nawal is eight months pregnant so she will not be able to ride with us. She will come and join us during one day at a B&B. I enjoy their company so much and wish they could both come riding.

Our friends Emmanuel and Newel.

Andrew writes:
Such a kick back and relax day. I slept until 10 and then Nawal went to the boulangerie for pain au chocolat. Then I petered around on the Internet for a few hours while the girls did I don’t know what. Emmanuel was working at the hospital in the morning but then took us on a whirlwind walking tour of Dijon.

Dijon is famous for the mustard, as well as for it’s colored roofs and maybe for all of the churches? There are quite a few!

After the tour, we spent the evening hunched over the computer planning routes for our bike adventure with Emmanuel. Meanwhile, Nawal was in the kitchen cooking Bugs Bunny. Having never had rabbit before, I must admit that this was the finest one I have ever had the pleasure to eat.

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Location:Dijon, France

Head winds hold us back
Wine Country