Summer Tour (1)
Day Two Squamish to Whistler

I’m sitting in Whistler in the comfort of our place at the Fireside Outdoor Recreation Club. I just finished reading Andrew’s post from yesterday. I’m so quickly reminded of how much I enjoy reading his words.

When we were preparing for this ride I wasn’t particularly excited. I can’t put my finger on why but I really didn’t start packing until Sunday, two days before departure. Perhaps the late packing isn’t entirely indicative of not being excited and more that my stress levels and preparation style before trips have changed over the years. Being a bit more laid back is not a bad thing. The closest thing I did to preparation was take a course on tuning my bike with the Bike Room.

Monday night is the first time I really started packing after picking up my bike from Obsession Bikes where Lou tuned my bike up. On Tuesday morning we slept in, did some errands, bought some rain gear for Andrew and headed out at about 1:30.

Andrew filling up our water bottles from the creek and cleaning the water with our new Steri Pen.

The weather was a pleasant surprise as it was forecasted to rain 20-30 mm. There was no rain while riding. The ride was wonderful. We really do live in a beautiful place. The Brittania mine hill was much harder than the Furry Creek Hill but not too bad. Probably the hardest part was the narrow shoulders combined with traffic and a bit of a steeper grade toward the end.

My handle bar bag with my route directions and Andrew in my rear view mirror.

I realized I need to work on my eating/fuelling increments better as I was super hungry a few times in particular when we arrived at our destination. Andrew has experienced it before so he was great at getting food going immediately while I changed and set up our tent.

I was struck by the still water and reflection at this lake.

Andrew riding along Highway 99.

Our friends Chris and Christine were kind enough to allow us to pitch a tent in their yard and take advantage of their covered deck when it rained.

Had a good meal and rested well too.

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Summer Tour (1)
Day Two Squamish to Whistler