Summer Tour Day 3 - Rest
Summer Tour Day 5 - Down the Duffy, Up the Duffy WTF?

I always sleep so well at the Fireside Lodge, so much so that I slept until 9am. The UBC Cross Country team has rented the whole place out and it was quite a challenge cooking in the kitchen while 45 other people were in there. We managed to finally get all packed up and on the road just after 11:00.

Try finding your shoes when a track and field team is staying in the Lodge.

We set out heading north on Hwy 99 towards Pemberton and managed a solid 20km/h average speed for most of the day. In Pemberton we stopped for lunch before heading out into Pemberton Meadows towards Mt. Currie.

Recreating one of our first biking photos together – we rode from Whistler to Pemberton back in 2005.

Looking out over Green Lake.

Some tourists took my picture at Birken Lake, and I took theirs. Here I am trying to avoid being hit by traffic.

So many people warned us about the Mt. Currie hill, but I don’t think we really took them seriously. A climb is a climb, right? The first 3km or so were 10% grade (or more).

The *first* switchback of the Mt. Currie hill.

A candid shot of Amanda riding up the Mt. Currie hill.

I really like to stop and take photos of stuff.

Sun-kissed for brief periods today.

Most of the time the hill seemed to be 5-7%, but it just kept going and going. At the bottom of the hill, our GPS said we only had 12km or so to our campsite – except our average speed up was about 4.5 km/h. There was another cyclist who passed us at the bottom and then again on his way back down who said it would get easier…maybe that’s a part of the hill we haven’t done yet.

We made frequent stops for rest, food and water, and finally got to Joffre Lakes Park around 6:30pm.

3 hours of climbing and we made it!

A little bit of a smile and some sweat, happy to be done for the day!

Our total ride time today was 4h42m, and we were in the saddle for 6h18m. 66.5 km travelled at 14.1km/h average. My top speed coming towards Pemberton was 70.8km/h!!!

Sitting by the lake, savouring our day, getting close after being apart.

Another shot of just Lower Joffre Lake

We setup our tent and cooked some food while the stars came out before calling it a night at 9pm. We’ve never taken this road before; I wonder where it leads.

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Summer Tour Day 3 - Rest
Summer Tour Day 5 - Down the Duffy, Up the Duffy WTF?