Day Two Squamish to Whistler
Summer Tour Day 4 - up, up and away!

The plan was to ride the bike park all day today. Woke up to rain, with 15mm in the forecast. We reorganized our gear, rested, read and relaxed.

The Dutch boys showed up with our car, on their way back from Kamloops. We helped them load their bike boxes onto the car for the drive into Vancouver.

No really new pics to post from today so I thought I would share some from yesterday.

Amanda looking daisy fresh first thing in the morning.

Cloud? Fog? All I know was that it had stopped raining and we were ready to start our ride.

Too bad the Tantalus Range was hidden from view by the cloud.

Crossing Big Orange Bridge (BOB) with a big smile.

Really digging the water purifier. Not only for its function but for what it reveals beside the road.

Couple of guys were motoring about on their electric MTB’s. gotta wonder how heavy these things are. Why not just get a moto?

Posing for pictures ay Brandywine Falls.

Been driving past Brandywine Falls for 20 years without ever checking them out. Pretty cool little area with suspension bridges, lookouts and the falls themselves.

You saw this in Amanda’s post yesterday, but I was amazed at the deluge we experienced coming into Whistler yesterday.

Still all smiles at the end of the ride, and look! The sun came out!
Going to play some ping pong, eat some dinner, start my new Game of Thrones book and then goto sleep. We’ve got some wicked hills tomorrow.
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Day Two Squamish to Whistler
Summer Tour Day 4 - up, up and away!