Too hot to ride, would rather be back at the beach
The rehearsal dinner

Thursday July 28
Carcasonne to Toulouse
11.8 km
58:30 in the saddle

Amanda writes:

Today we set out to ride over 100 km to Toulouse. The day would start with a big climb and then downhill all the way. We got up early because we knew it would be hard as the legs are sore. We also knew we wanted to check out Carcazzone. One of our tentative plans included an entire day in this City. We started to ride and within a few kilometers arrived within city limits. We came around a corner and saw the most amazing castle. Andrew yelled out, we’re going there! And so we did.

The castle was incredible. We learned so much including why it’s so windy in this region. We agreed we didn’t want to tackle the headwind and went to the train station.

After 2 hrs walking around Carcasonne

Toulouse seems pretty cool. We did some laundry and then went out for Chinese food and discussed our plans for the next few days. Do we ride for another week and go to Barcelona or head to Paris on Monday as planned? Stay tuned…

Best French-Chinese food ever!

Andrew writes:

Woke up early, ready to ride. Got about 10 meters and alreadybthe headwind had tired me out. I don’t think I can stand much more of this. Fortunately, Carcasonne was nearby and I had been looking forward to seeing this medieval masterpiece.

It dates back to the 12th century, even earlier if you count the Roman wall that part of it is built upon. The walls of the city, if stretched out would measure 1400km!!! They are 60 feet tall in some places. This place was incredible. We did an audio guide tour and walked around the ramparts, as well as the inner city as well. Very touristy and busy, but well worth it.

Looking at Carcasonne

This is the entrance to the city.

Standing in the barbican, the entrance to the castle is behind Amanda

Looking down from one of the walls

From the same spot, overlooking current day Carcasonne

In the court du midi

Posing together, the basilica and town behind us

Basilica in the background, gothic and Romanesque inspirations

Standing on the ramparts, in a section of wall originally built by the Romans

Wool armor toques for the horses?

With the castle behind us and the wind still blowing strongly, we decided teo take the train 100km to Toulouse and get to the hotel to prepare for the wedding this weekend. We did some shopping, ate at a great little Chinese restaurant and did some laundry. Oh! We bought some Bourgogne wine today, a grand cru. It was definitely better than the 2€ bottle Amanda had bought the last time. Thanks for the training Emmanuel!

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Too hot to ride, would rather be back at the beach
The rehearsal dinner